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The translation process goes well beyond the act of finding equivalent words in the target language. High-quality translations require time, attention to detail, linguistic skills, and an in-depth understanding of the audience you are trying to reach. As a final step, both editing and proofreading are performed to ensure that the translation is flawless, consistent, and fluent.



If you already have translated materials that needs editing, I can help you!



The revision of the translation to correct typos and similar errors in the target language. This is performed without reference to the source language. If you already have translated materials that needs proofreading, I can help you!



Often times, a simple translation will not accurately convey your company message. This is particularly true for marketing content. Transcreation adapts the content of the original text based on cultural nuances, ensuring that it will be meaningful to the target audience. It requires great cultural sensitivity and a deep understanding of the target audience.


Areas of expertise

Marketing | Business | Environmental | journalism | Social Sciences | NGOs

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Letters

  • Emails

  • Environmental Reports

  • Training Materials & much more!

  • Websites

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  • Social Media Posts

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  • Catalogs


For other specialties and/or language pairs, I will be glad to refer you to trusted partners.